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Client Testimonials

“I absolutely love this place!! My hygienist and the dentist are extremely friendly and knowledgeable! Like most of people I hate going to the dentist but with the level of care and service provided by the dentist and their staff, I feel having dental treatment can be stress free. Thank you”. – Nasir

“I really like the vibe there. Assistants are so helpful; they always take the time to explain to you what to expect after every procedure. Very gentle dentists and amazing hygienists." – Stephan

“I have been going to WellFort clinic for about 3 years now and I am not planning to go anywhere else. I was always terrified of the dentist and financially I cannot afford sleep dentistry. The dentist and her assistant took the time to understand my fear and provide me solution to overcome my anxiety. I'm now happy about coming here on my own for check-ups and if I have work done, I'm not worried. I really appreciate all their effort to make my dental visits more pleasant.” – Shaelyn

“One of the most important factors for me to select a dental office is their cleanliness. I have been to so many different dental and medical offices, and I should say, I have never seen a practice that cares about infection control as much as WellFort does.” – Rajiv

“What I like about WellFort, is the fact they go beyond just providing dental treatment. They look at you as a whole person, not a mouth with teeth. I learned a lot about how my overall health is related to my oral health from them. They helped me understand how my uncontrolled diabetes has affected my gums. That was the changing moment for me to start taking care of my health in a different level. I can never appreciate their help enough.” – Josie

“I love the way they explain the procedures to the kids with funny names. They know how to distract them, when they are getting fussy on the chair. I have a 10 year old and a 4 year old. The dentist was practicing spelling and math with my 10 year old and singing nursery songs to my 4 year old. The procedure was done and the kids were still happy socializing with the dentist and her assistant. Amazing team for kids.”– Neelam