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Oral Health Event at the Bramalea CHC

Promoting healthy brushing through education and fun activities

Health n’ Smiles together with the Bramalea Community Health Centre celebrated Oral Health Month (April) by facilitating fun, engaging and educational sessions for kids and their families. On Wednesday, April 27th we invited kids (grade 2 – 6) and their families to our Oral Health Event. Two sessions were run back to back. One session was facilitated by Health n’ Smiles dentist Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta where attendees learnt more on good oral hygiene practices, brushing and flossing. Kids then took part in a comic sketching workshop that was facilitated by FreezeDNA facilitator, Anthony Stanberry. They learnt to draw our tooth super hero, Smiles.

“Make sure you brush for two minutes, twice a day!”
- Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta

Dental assistant teaching people how to brush

Oral health is not just about brushing and flossing. Oral pain, missing teeth, bleeding gums and infections of the mouth affects a person’s quality of life; the way they socialize, their self esteem and physical health. Most importantly, oral health problems could be a sign of something more serious. Early detection of such problems help avoid devastating complications and improves survival rates of those suffering from diseases like oral cancer.

 “Every year approximately 3,200 Canadians are diagnosed with oral cancer and 1,050 deaths from oral cancer occur.
- Canadian Dental Association

As we recognize the need for regular oral health examinations and dental care, we believe in prevention. By empowering our youth with practical knowledge, we help to improve and sustain their oral health. The event that took place on April 27th brought a creative and fun component to learning for the youth. We continue to engage with our communities by utilizing such innovative strategies. By championing such primary prevention strategies, our vision remains true…

“A healthier community where everyone belongs.”

Anthony teaches kids to draw "Smiley" 

As the only community health centre for Brampton, the Bramalea CHC offers a diverse set of healthcare and community health services to the residents of Bramalea and Peel. At Bramalea CHC, it’s not what we do that’s important but it’s how we do it. “Open focused care” is the way we describe our approach. We're "open" because we invite participation from the community and want to ensure access.  We're "focused" because we design our services and programs to closely match individual and community needs and preferences. Every day we live our model of “Open Focused Care”, providing high-quality health services and fostering deep connections with the individuals, groups and communities across Bramalea. We help individuals in understanding healthier lives. For information about our programs and services, please visit Follow us on Twitter via @BramaleaCHC and connect with us on Facebook (

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