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Health n' Smiles Dental Clinic Outreach Program

The Health n' Smiles dental clinic at WellFort launched a new initiative in 2013 - an outreach program. The Health n' Smiles dental clinic treats a wide variety of patients, from infants and children through the Healthy Smiles Ontario, to seniors on the Region of Peel Seniors Program.

Oral health education and preventative care are crucial to maintaining not only a healthy mouth, but overall wellbeing. From January to March Dr. Faiza Chaudary has been leading the outreach initiative, speaking to children, adults and seniors at 5 different centres. Dr. Chaudary visited the Winston Churchill children's HUB, Judith Nyman Secondary school, Our Lady Providence Child Care Center, CMHA Health and Wellness Fair, and Act Heal Senior’s Association. Here, group activities, hands-on demonstrations and fun exercises were done to teach oral hygiene techniques, diet and overall healthy living. People were given the chance to have one-on-one instruction on how to properly brush and floss, were shown different effective tools for oral hygiene/denture care and taught about different topics that are very widespread, but may not be commonly known, including baby bottle syndrome and Srjogen's syndrome. Interactive fun handouts, informative packages, and oral hygiene kits were also given during the presentations.

The talks were effective, and appreciated, as many questions were asked by the participants and individuals commented on how they haven't had a chance to learn about oral health and prevention from a dental professional before and how much they've learned. Oral health education is in the background of dental care; however is a critical piece to good oral health and total health. Initiatives like this should be continued, as a service to our community, benefiting the overall wellbeing of our clients.

Health n' Smiles Outreach postcard